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When using duct tape, pundling means making cuts in the tape that are not as wide as the original duct tape. This can be intentional, as in when you need a smaller piece of duct tape than can be given with a normal strip, or unintentional, via accidentally tearing the tape down the middle.
"Can you tear me off a smaller piece? This is too wide."
"Yah sure, let me just pundle it."

"Fuck man, pundling just cut my duct tape down the middle!"
by RedMarker February 24, 2009

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Extends on pundling, but instead of just tearing the duct tape into smaller pieces once, it entails multiple pundling.

This is almost always unintentional, as one pundling leaves to frustration and rapid hand movements, which continues to pundle the duct tape. Is extremely annoying and wastes a good majority of the duct tape.
"God damnit! All I wanted was a good sized piece of duct tape, and compundling ripped the damn thing into like 15 different strips!"
"Shit man, I know exactly how you feel. That shit always happens to me."
by RedMarker February 24, 2009

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When working with duct, pundling is a term that refers to accidentally pulling off a single thread of the tape, making it almost string like. Almost always unintentional.
"Shit, I have been spindling this roll of duct tape the entire day!"
by RedMarker February 24, 2009

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A shorthand for "tomorrow." Used because tomorrow is a bitch to spell and is way longer than it should be.
"Hey, aren't you supposed to meet that girl today?"
"No, dog. I meet her tom."
"Hell yah man, totally do her."
- A normal conversation

"Tom, tom, tom, tom only a day away!"
- Sound of Music

"The Day After Tom"
- A shorthand for the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"
by RedMarker February 23, 2009

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An industry term for duct tape that entails the unintentional act of tearing off a piece of duct tape and having it accidentally sticking to itself.

The most prevalent duct tape error, this is guaranteed to render the piece of duct tape torn off useless, as attempts to correct the gooching only lead to further gooching and sometimes unintentional pundling.
"Dude, so gay. I had the perfect size piece of duct tape and I accidentally let it go with my left hand and it fell on itself, and now its stuck and useless."
"Fuck man. I know exactly what you mean. Gooching sucks so bad."
by RedMarker February 24, 2009

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