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A man that is sort of tall.
You could be a jackass to him, and he will play around with you too if you don't get too serious.

He has dirty blonde hair with the bluest eyes you have ever seen.

He is amazing at sex, an great with his tongue. His weiner is huge, so big, it will tear your insides. If you aren't careful, you could fall for him.
It's impossible to not think he is strange, but he is still very fun.
1) Man, that Eric Trail is tall.
2) That Eric Trail's eyes are as blue as pool water.
3) I want to see an Eric Trail's weiner.
4) It is impossible to forget an Eric Trail.
by RedHead August 21, 2012

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a person who has a small joint and has to hold it with tweezers deserves this nickname
haha delamares nickname is tweeza cuz she smokes her joints using tweezers to hold it haha
by redhead July 28, 2005

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a person who eggs their friends house and the friend doesnt know it..but the egger blames it on an ex-boyfriend
barbatos nickname is scrambla cuz she egged this bitches house and blamed it on her ex b-f haha
by redhead July 28, 2005

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feeling blah and you dont know how to describe it not stoned but just blahh
Wow delamare and barbato are fuckin doned and they acting really weird.
by redhead July 28, 2005

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If there are two of the same name ( allie and allie ) you call one the other white meat
Theres Allie that redheas shes cool oh theres the other white meat
by redhead June 23, 2005

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