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continued passion ; unyielding
Her aeipathy for pleasure bordered at times on the pathological.
by Rebecca World May 22, 2007
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To read standard text only to discover your initial cognition involved corrupting language in the context of kink or sexual innuendo as opposed to it's actual presentation and or meaning.
I thought when I read that News headline it said "Gonzales yields turmoil fingers". I thought that was kind of hot until I realized that it really said "lingers'. It's okay, don't worry, apparently I'm kinkslexic.
by Rebecca World October 20, 2007
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When the less well decoratively versed blend Gorean stereotypical ( John Nornman novels ) design with Gothic design resulting in a less than attractive distortion of a sincere classical style ( Gothic ).
So I visited John's new Club and between the red velvet furnishings, faux furs and hastily thrown down bondage equipment I had to wonder if I had landed not in 12th Century Paris but Planet Gor. It was soooooooooo "Gorthic" .
by Rebecca World September 22, 2008
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