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An expression of surprise and disbelief that is uttered when one is in a situation that is perceived to be rediculous or beyond belief. Usually said when a person assumes that they are being fooled or made the butt end of a practical joke; not wanting to face the facts of a real situation.
Originating from the TV show hosted by Ashton Kutcher called punk'd where he plays practical jokes on fellow celebrities deceiving them into accepting a crazy scenario or situation is real.
Jackass: dude, your house burned down and everyone you love is dead! Oh, and your girlfriend is cheating on you!

Pedro: What?! Am I being punk'd?

by Rated [R] February 06, 2007

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Adjective---negative and derogatory slangs applied to persons who exhibit the following:

1. slang for a person, meaning “dirty” or “smelly” due to a lack of regural hygienic maintenance.

2. a coward; if you call someone French you are saying that they would rather surrender than fight and die for a noble cause.

3. One who is perceived or assumed to be sexually promiscuous and venereal disease ridden.
One who has no regard for morals-- civil ones and theological.

4. One who enjoys consuming frogs and snails.

5. One who is exceedingly flamboyant and mistaken for being homosexual.

6. a person possessing physical characteristics that are stereotypically yet popularly used to portray French people such as in pictures, cartoons, movies and caricatures.
These characters usually are portrayed sporting berets, striped flamboyantly skin-tight shirts, and ugly ill-fitting pants. They will almost always have a huge shnoz (nose) with a lit cigarette dangling loosely from the lips. A Thin creepy mustache that sometimes curls at the end will also be a red flag trait along with stubble all over their oily skin. Their facial expression and countenance always appears as if they are tired and haven’t slept for days, or as if they are coming out of a hang over (which they probably are). Sometimes this is accompanied by a slightly creepy lethargic smile usually leading one to believe they are thinking dirty thoughts about the next young woman to cross their paths on the Parisian streets.
They usually reek of a combination of old moldy cheese, wine and cigarettes, and a nauseating dose of body odor. They usually have baguettes under there arm; it is unknown what they do with this baked good.
German student: Did you see Pierre today? He's such a french frog!
Dutch student: Hey! dont insult the frogs that way! They are victims in all of this!

by Rated [R] February 05, 2007

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