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An incredible iPhone app where the player learns spells, duels players, and chats on a free forum. Using gold to buy classes, the player can learn a new spell. Some spells include:
1. Memory
2. Light
3. Water
4. Fire
5. Weather
These spells are used to duel players in a two step process. Here's how it works:
One player sends a spell to another player. The recieving player gets a notification and selects a second spell. That player sends his/her spell to the original player and the winner is generated randomly from experience stats, spell weakness/resistance, and level.
The forum is a great place to chat and exchange circle numbers, used to learn new spells.
Please note, this app is currently shut down due to abuse of the forums. This instead was a flame war caused by the sister apps Blood Wars and Powers, which are much less moderated and, in most peoples opinions (and mine) discusting and filled with perverted threads, comments, and posts. These have also been removed from the app store.
Friend via Magic Wars PM: Dude wanna exchange circle numbers?
Me: Course! Mines 6572280!

Many people on Twitter/Facebook: Hey creator, when does the app come back up?? We've all been dying to know!
by Randomgamerdude August 10, 2010

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Many people have used the word "emo" as a bad thing. I read definitions from 5 people, all used this definition:
"Angry teenagers who dress in black and act miserable around others"
That, however, is not the definition of emo. That is in fact the definition of goth. The real definition, excluding all stereotypes and falsehoods, is:
People, ages 13 & up, who feel emotional. Thus, emo. Most emotions expressed are
1. Anger at the world
2. Saddness at a tragic event (death, near-death experience, ect.)
After some began to dress in black, it began the stereotype. Again, they are not to be confused with goths who are, as defined by ones I've met, mostly Wickens and dress in black and all that. Emo's are often angry at the world because many people can be idiots (that is slightly an inside joke, but not quite. So please don't reject this)
Another stereotype is that emos are miserable around people. This is completely untrue. I, actually being emo myself, am quite perky around people and am only angry when alone. Most emos are loners, that part is true, but only because of the aforementioned reasons.
Ironically, the reason I an writing this is the exact same reason I am emo. Far too many people make these mistakes, so I am hoping the world will read this and for once, understand what they're actually talking about.
The band Green Day is considered an "emo" band due to their tendency to write songs such as "American Idiot," which uses terms on how America is controlled by the media, and making many mistakes, making them angry.
by Randomgamerdude August 10, 2010

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