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Dismissive term used to indicate your disinterest or desire not to be involved. Often accompanied by a casually dismissive wave of the backhand. Should always be used with a tone of superiority.
mc: dood, that drunk broad was all over you.
dm: word, I told'er to beat it.

bum: excuse me miss/sir, can you please spare some change
dm: beat it
by Ramreezy November 07, 2005
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the act of scraping a plate that previously contained cocaine in an effort to get one last rip.
"Man, you're always scrape'n"
"Hells yeah. Gettin my scrapesies on"
by Ramreezy June 01, 2005
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non-offensive slang for 'fuck that'
"Yo, D. Lets hit the Roxy"
"Folk Dance!"
by Ramreezy June 01, 2005
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Badass. Someone who is 'wolf' excels in every situation, handles the business.
dm: Check out that sucka in the wolf shirt rockin a blazer.
mc: Dood thinks he's so wolf
dm: pwn3d!

by Ramreezy October 27, 2005
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