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Though used most often for gangster/gangsta today, it originally meant God and was coined by the Nation of Gods and Earths also known as the 5 percenters.

The religion identifies all black men (or others affiliated with the group) as their own god.
"whattup g"
"sup god"
by Ralf futz July 14, 2008
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abbreviation for heroin.

Heroin is often pronounced "heron" or "hairon" by those in the city so "ron" became used as an abbreviation of that mispronunciation.
I'm really fiendin' for some ron. Call up dudeman for a couple bags.

I emptied out my bank account 3 times because of ron. It's time to go cold turkey and kick this shitty habit.
by Ralf futz December 23, 2009
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Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax etc.); a class of tranquilizing drugs that reduce stress and anxiety. They have replaced barbituiates and serve well for recreational purposes. These are examples of downers/depressants other than opiates.
"Ugh, I'm feeling nervous about this class presentation."
"Here, take a few BZDs to calm you down"
by Ralf futz July 02, 2006
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a short, jocund poem;limerick
"that was the worst coin I've ever heard in my life"
"we didnt write it"
by Ralf futz August 15, 2006
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