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What people call Call of Duty games, When either you just suck so much ass you can't handle the intense gameplay of it, or when your trolling a PlayStation fanboy.
D'andre: brahh ps3 is soo much betta den da xbox.

Brandon: They're pretty much the same thing you know?

D'andre: nahh we got free internets which makes 10x betta and call of duty gots better graphics on the ps3.

by RaisinOnion March 20, 2011
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A code word used to tell your xbox live party leader to kick your "friend(s)" from the party.
* FMS93PES96 has joined your xbox live party. *

FMS93PES96: yooo brandonnnn your gf is uglyz

Amused Onion: hey bro look at that angey!

Confident Melon: Where? * Kicks FMS93PES96 from party"

Brandon: Works everytime ;D
by RaisinOnion May 05, 2011
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