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Stands for Big Lipped Ubangy Mother Fucker. It is not ugly, like the previous example stated. Ubangy is slang for someone of African tribal descent. A deroggatory term for negroes..
-Most basketball players, including Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton, are BLUMFs..

-Go collect your well-fare, like a BLUMF.
by racoon wallace February 01, 2005
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A 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor. The negro version of egg nog. Also referred to as "nog."
-I'm going to go get some nog at the store.
by racoon wallace February 01, 2005
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dont you know what a cock is?
uhm...isnt it a piece of shit or something?
by racoon wallace March 28, 2005
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Invented by one of my friends, while he saw a truck full of pumpkins on TV. A combination of the word "Blumf" and "pumpkin." I don't really know what it means, but it is funny.
--The Smashing Pumkins should change into a branch of the KKK called "smashing blumfkins"
--You should take your kid to the blumfkin patch at haloween to pick out the shiniest and biggest blumfkin you could find
by Racoon Wallace April 06, 2005
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read example shown below
c'mon man, wake up, suck my cock. come on man, yeah suck my cock,...SUCK MY COCK BITCH...aaaah yeah, thats right. aah yeah.
by racoon wallace February 03, 2005
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