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A tart is a female who is attractive and has the air of being promiscuous, even if she isn't.

A tart is a girl likey to get disapproving looks from old people.

In short, a tart is more of a tease and a flirt than, say, a whore, skank, or slut. All of those words imply putting out, wheras a tart may or may not have a lot of random sex.
Grandma: "Jeff, your new girlfriend Millie is a little tart!"
Jeff: "Whatever, grandma. You're only saying that because she doesn't dress like a Puritan."
by RachoftheJungle December 23, 2005

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Term coined to describe habitual visits to crafting website/subsequent craft making.
1.)The process of compulsively lusting over projects on the hipster crafting website www.craftster.org
2.) describe the process of crafting, or creating crafts
"Millie has her door shut and all I can hear is the rhythmic thudding and whirring of her sewing machine. I think she's craftsterbating again.
by RachoftheJungle January 29, 2005

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