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Stands for Smoking Blow Job. If you dont inhale on a cig properly you breath out thick, heavy smoke. If giving head when you do this you can use the thick smoke to make a blowjob more interesting and pretty.
A 'Nikola gave me an sbj last night, it fucking rocked!'
by Rachcook182 August 09, 2007
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It means Definitely. Deffo is short hand for Definitely, just add a Jeffo for coolness!
Q 'You want to go to the movies?'
A 'Deffo Jeffo!'
by rachcook182 March 18, 2007
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When somone has sex.
'Ben well got his pump on last night!'
'I was getting my pump on and my room mate walked in'
'You were well getting your pump on!'
by Rachcook182 September 29, 2007
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