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Boss Kempo (adj) Boss Kempo could mean awesome, sick, that of a champion, tank, convenient, powerful, intense or could describe anything very good. Kenpo is the name for several kinds of martial arts styles ranging in location from Hawaii to Japan. All these styles involve fighting with a long stick or staff. A Kenpo Boss would not only be an excellent fighter but also look like a champ during battle. Over time the term "Kenpo Boss" developed into "Boss Kempo" by replacing the N in Kenpo for an M and switching the two words. Situations to use "Boss Kempo" vary but it is always used to compliment.
Often its use will begin by saying Boss and adding Kempo for effect.
Brian: Chuck Norris Is "Boss Kempo"

Brian: Yo, that big fullback with the dreads is "Boss Kempo"

Brian: Hey, I heard the English test got cancelled, Boss Kempo eh?
Dave: yes Brian.
by R_BOT April 29, 2010
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