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Originating in Fargo ND, the Chuck Norris is a shot of UV Cherry Vodka dropped into 3-4 ounces of Liquid Ice energy drink. It's majorly popular in Grand Forks ND college bars such as Sledster's.
Brian: Let's get some Jag Bombs! Alyssa, you in?
Alyssa: No, but I'll take a Chuck Norris shot. Fuck jag bombs...ick.
Brian: Fuck it. Let's all get Norris's. Pangle, I'll get 5 Chucks!
by RPangle January 6, 2009
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Apparently, it's NBA lingo for a "hesitation-dribble and two steps." Basically, it's just the hottest thing on the market to say when you travel in basketball...but want to get away with it.
Fan #1 "Dude, did you see LeBron totally get away with travelling on that last basket?"
Fan #2 "No, dude...that was totally a 'crab dribble' asshole. LeBron's the Chosen One.
Fan #1 "You're retarded. Get the fuck outta my face. Now."
Fan #2 "No, dude. Watch."
Fan #1 "Hey...he fuckin' travelled and got away with it alright? Shut up. PLEASE."
by RPangle January 6, 2009
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