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The Vile mixture that comes from a gay mans ass after he gets fucked by another guy. This is usually a mixture of Blood, Shit, and Cum. This mixture could sometimes have little extras in it as well depending upon how freaky the homo in question gets before and during sex.
" Dude Bob i knew you were a fag look at all the duck butter on your sheets"

"Bob and Bills love came into full bloom last night as is witnessed by all the duck butter on the walls and couch"
by RJA November 17, 2005

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The Least successful team in NHL history in terms of its longevity in the league and for the amount of championships they have earned. This team is charechterized by having the least knowledgeable fans in all of sports and yet still wish to flap their gums the minute their teams wins one game after losing ten in a row. Also see the terms; Loser, Consistent Loser, and Shittiest team in the NHL
"Wow did you see this NHL team that lost 13 games straight?"

"Must be the Rangers"
by RJA November 17, 2005

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