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Braziliency is the positive capacity of people to overcome stress and catastrophe through the power of Brazil.

This is exemplified with the joy, culture and life of those Brazilians living and thriving in the Favelas.

Braziliency has expanded over the years to include anyone who uses the music and culture of Brazil to overcome stress, heartache and disaster. Even the thought of an upcoming trip to Brazil can catalyze the resilience needed to survive the most dismal of weeks.

To see a visual of Braziliency, please see the Vengaboys music video for their song "To Brazil."
C: Dag Yo, how are you gonna survive 6months of Chemo?

A: Buh-Duh, Kevvie promised me a beach vacay in Rio, so I'm using all the Braziliency I've got to overcome this!
M: Ugh, there's only one way I can get through 3 months of GMAT testing
K: How's that?
M: Pure Braziliency.... Brazillllll Lalalalalalalalalalalala, lalalalalalala, lalalalala, Brazil
by Quixotichoya July 22, 2010

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A gay man, lesbian woman, bisexual or transgender person who is easily accepted by straight society. This person helps to normalize different sexual orientations for straight people. This person than starts to bring these straight people to gay movies, events, bars or parties and helps ease these straight people into feeling comfortable with GLBT people/culture they might have thought was too outlandish before.

Gateways can be of other minorities: Gateway Latinos, Gateway Asians, Gateway Blacks, Gateway Jews
Cindy: Wow! I had no idea Kevin was... gay. He seems so chill and straight

Taneisha: Oh he definitely is! He's great and fun. And he's a Gateway Gay, pretty soon he'll be bringing you to drag parties and having you dance up on a platform. And you'll love everyminute of it!
by QuixoticHoya October 12, 2007

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A young acolyte enters a Catholic Seminary only to find out that it has become a hot-bed of closeted homosexuals who use this all male atmosphere to act out their same-sex desires. He soon realizes that this is his dream and learns their ways of engaging in sloppy gay sex and hiding such acts using the eminence of the Catholic Church
Chris joined St. Vitus Seminary as a confused eighteen-year-old, but quickly realized that the all male atmosphere and late night chrism massages were his dream come true, so he got down on his knees and was inculcated as a Semenarian through the wet hot loads of his spiritual brothers.
by QuixoticHoya July 29, 2011

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The opposite of a man on the Down Low. This is a man who has sex with men but identifies with the gay community. He is upfront about his sexual identity to friends, family members, coworkers and his community. He feels strongly part of the great social, political and legal struggle for GLBT equality. He lives on the Up High as part of the struggle to normalize GLBT people for the public and make GLBT communities presence known.
Antoine: Hey, is Tyson on down low?
DeMarco: Fool, what are you talking up about? Tyson marches in the gay pride parade, writes to his Senators about gay stuff AND volunteers at a gay/HIV and AIDS clinic. Tyson's on the Up High!
by Quixotichoya October 19, 2007

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