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A 50 inch living dildo with small arms and legs, who habitually plows through concrete walls. He screams very loudly, despite not having a mouth, or any real organs. Mogar is coming after YOU!!!!!
Man 1: I was watching TV the other day when Mogar barged his way into my house and dove headfirst into my girlfriend.

Man 2: Is she okay?

Man 1: The doctors say she may never recover from the damage he did.

*Mogar busts in through the wall*


Man 1 and 2: OH SHIT! RUUUUN!!!!!
by Psychopath Killa September 24, 2005

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A phrase telling someone to acknowledge the power of your fists. This can also be said while wearing Respect Knuckles.
"Homes, you'd best Respect These Knuckles, 'fo these knuckles have to start disrespecting YOU."
by Psychopath Killa September 05, 2005

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A god of a man, whose sheer testicular fortitude is more than enough to demolish entire continents just looking for a place to simply put it. He is related to Mogar, and is equally as beastly. Also, see Arn.
*Once upon a time in Austrailia*

Australian man 1: What's that blotting out the sun?

Australian man 2: It's...

Entire continent: MOGARN!!!!!!

*And Australia dissapeared from the planet Earth forever...*
by Psychopath Killa September 30, 2005

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Brass or steel knuckles worn on the hands used to maim and destroy people.
"Some guy tried to rob me last night, so I slipped on my Respect Knuckles and punched a hole through his face."
by Psychopath Killa September 05, 2005

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