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A collaboration of several current genres including post-hardcore, metalcore, "crunkcore" and several other various '-cores'.

The musicians consist of underage scene kids & preppy kids alike that 'play' the guitar and write songs filled relentlessly with alternate picking, fry screams, breakdowns, and double bass pedals.

The fans describe their music as "br00tal" and "dope"; often claim that their music is "emo", "screamo", "hardcore" and other '80s genres that died out before the turn of the century and are constantly ruining much liked genres. Some of the more recent genres to have fallen with in Scenecore's grasp are death and doom metal.
Scenecore bands must have:
-A screamer
-As many guitarists as they wish (they must play the same thing)
-A drummer with a double bass pedal, a snare, and a crash.
-A bassist that immitates the rythm guitar's power chords progressions constantly
-A male singer with a high & whiney voice
-Keyboardists that play 4-7 notes on a synth setting
-Techno bridges
by PseudoNaomi July 11, 2010
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The feeling one gets when, once fully over the emo/scene kid phase, hhe or she realizes they have nothing in their wardrobe but fucking skinny jeans; no jackets that aren't red, black, or The Devil Wears Prada; no CDs that aren't Alesana, Silverstein, and Bring Me the Horizon.

Post-emo remorse can also define the overall feeling of embarassment one gets when a friend shows them a picture of their past self as the kid with the straightened black hair covering everything down to their chin.
Stop bringing that damn photo up. I've already got post-emo remorse, can we leave the past in the past?
by PseudoNaomi October 31, 2010
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