1 definition by Prospera Menlae

(n.) A Houston voice actor who does a lot of anime work. He's not the most poular guy, but that's fine. Some of his roles include characters in Clannad, Orphen, Saiyuki and Canaan.
However, he is sexy enough to model for magazines...which would undoubtedly catch on fire due to his hotness.
He is a very sweet guy. Sweet like candy and puppies.

You can also use this term to describe someone that you are madly in love with.
Newlywed's Sister: How is your new husband?

Newlywed: He's a total David Matranga.

Casting Director: I need an actor who is hot, talented and chock full of every kind of awesome.

Assistant: You need David Matranga.
by Prospera Menlae September 9, 2011