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A shitty musician/Attention whore who ACTS crazy during interviews and public events just to get the attention she wants and does not deserve. The teenage female community believe her music is influential, but the only thing it actually influences is cerebral hemmorages and strokes among those who even listen to music. Did I mention that she is ACTING out of character during interviews.
Lady Gaga always talks about being beautiful the way you are even though she looks like Paul from the Wonder Years
by Professor BigLots May 26, 2011

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The sad, depressed, and guilt-filled feeling you receive after eating an extremely large amount of junk food.
Guy 1: What Up
Guy 2: I ate so many fuckin cheetos bro and I feel like shit.
Guy 3: You are in a fuckin junk mood!
by Professor BigLots October 23, 2010

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A band who made all their fame and fortune by never writing their own material, and basically becoming the most famous tribute band ever, even though they are praised for being original. Known for covering almost every Bob Dylan song ever written.
Guy #1: Mr. Tambourine Man is a great song!
Guy#2: Yeah The Byrds fuckin rock bro!
Guy#1: I'm talking about the Bob Dylan version.
Guy#2: Oh, never heard it.
by Professor BigLots November 20, 2010

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The Hipster equivalent to Pop music's Katy Perry
"Lana Del Ray is hot, has big lips, models, was on SNL and is an OK singer"
by Professor BigLots February 04, 2012

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