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Dervived from an Asshole, and the shit that comes out of it, an anal pastie is what someone is usually considered to eat if they are a shit eater, or lick peoples arseholes (figuratively). Anal pastie is usually used as follows...
Bob, you really do eat your Dads anal pasties don't you. You lick more ass than a hungry blind canine.


Fucking hell James, did you want to eat anymore of his/her anal pasties? You shitraping motherfucking poo prodder.
by Profanosaurus September 10, 2006
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When 3 people are intertwined in a complex, equal state of attraction. A concept 1st mooted at the Johnson School Economics (APE)). often represented in a Venn Diagram
Chingle is the apex of a triangle of desirability
by profanosaurus November 16, 2014
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