10 definition by Prof. Goldman

A term used to describe any game with atrocious voice acting.
This game's story and gameplay are good, but it's voice acting makes it a House of the Dead 2!
by Prof. Goldman February 19, 2010

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A holiday where all anybody thinks about is Christmas.
On Thanksgiving, I have to think about presents I'm getting for Christmas.
by Prof. Goldman November 25, 2010

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The most overrated band of all time. Sure, they were influential, you can't deny that, but their music is not as great as everyone makes it out to be. They do have a couple great songs (including Come Together, If I Fell, and I Saw Her Standing There), but it's not like all of them are fucking gifts from God, which is what is widely believed.
Mike: The Beatles are fucking GODLIKE!

Steve: Dude, their incredibly overrated.

Mike: Shut up, you're just a 13 year old that doesn't know what the hell he's talking about!
by Prof. Goldman February 21, 2010

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