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a bridge used as a linkway between Singapore and Malaysia immigrations, located in the North of Singapore.
"There is always the problem of congestion and delays at the Johor and Singapore sides of the Causeway. I am puzzled as to why this is so," he said.

Singaporeans heading to Malaysia for the long weekend found themselves caught in a bad jam after they cleared the Singapore checkpoints on the Causeway and the Second Link yesterday morning.

North of the Causeway, Singapore’s social revolution, without the new community centres, factories and flats to back it up, became little more than an idealistic dream – unless the party could somehow manoeuvre itself into an alliance with the ruling party, or else take power from it.

When it is really bad, some abandon the wait for a bus, preferring instead to walk across the Causeway.

Since early December, ICA had already warned Singaporeans travelling to Malaysia via the Causeway and Second Link are to expect delays due to heightened security measures and to expect heavier traffic during the year-end school and festive holidays.
by Printsr April 03, 2016
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