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A cocky girl. Think Goldy Locks, but way more full of themelves. And they don't necessarily have to eat bears porridge, or like porridge at all, just reach a state of asshole-ness with their overconfidence, and have locks. Can also refer to hair that a cocky girl possesses.
That cocky locks thinks everyone is in love with her.

I want to rip her cocky locks right out of her scalp!

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Similar to fucking nasty, but with the ommitence of the "uck" and the "ug" in its place, bringing with it an element of offensive ugliness similar to "fugly". To break it down would give you the three words: fucking ugly nasty
Those chili-cheese burgers from Carls Junior look fug nasty.

That new Paris Hilton flick "The Hottie
and the Nottie" looks fug nasty.

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