16 definitions by Prem Shah

What you should do to a girl who has a really fit body, but the face is like a slapped arse that needs censoring.
Can also be known as a paper bag job
"Check out that girl over there, she's well fit."

"Yeah, nice body....look she's turning around..."

"Oh shit, what a minger..."

"Yeah, but you can always cover the face, bomb the base..?"

"Good idea, but i'll need another pint of cider first.."
by Prem Shah September 19, 2006
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A ghadero is a donkey. Can be used as an insult instead of the word bastard. Has similar impact as 'bastard' but without the sensitive parental issue.
Look at that fucking gadhero over there, standing by the bar with his hands on his hips. Looks like a fucking battyman.
by Prem Shah August 24, 2006
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Underpants. Can be used to describe male or female underpants. More likely to be acceptable if used by a guy describing a girls underpants.

Originates from the Hindi word chadees for underpants.
Man, I really want to get into her chadees.
by Prem Shah August 24, 2006
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UK Children's television show which was boring as fuck, yet suprisingly addictive.

A girl called Emily would bring something broken into the shop where Bagpuss and his mice friends lived. The mice would fix it singing "wee weel feex eet, wee weel feex eet.", End of episode.

Bagpuss actually only ever slept or woke up yawning. He was a fat lazy bastard of a cat, with gay pink and white stripes.

The show, looking back, was a load of wank really, but had a cult following and you can still buy bagpuss bags in London today.
Emily the girl
Bagpuss the fay lazy bastard cat
The professor - a wodden woodpecker
The mice - slave labour, did all the work and got no thanks.
by Prem Shah September 19, 2006
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The king, jumpsuits, style icon

Brought blues to the masses then developed his own sound

Whether you admit it or not, all pop/rock musicians are disciples of elvis

Got fat and stupid at the end, and turned into a bumbling bafoon.

Died while having a dump and fell forwards, was found with his arse in the air, and a turd in the bowl.

At his best in the 68 comeback special.
"Hey, I Like Your Goblin Fancy Dress Outfit!!

"Thanks, It Is Rather Elvish"
by Prem Shah September 06, 2006
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The five sided building which was allegedly hit by a plane. However, why was there only a 14 foot wide hole in the wall, and no plane debris anywhere...?

Check the facts and you'll be shocked..
A plane hit the pentagon on 9/11

More like a missile if you look at the facts..
by Prem Shah September 27, 2006
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to 'mow the lawn' can also mean to take a dump.
not sure where this originated from, but have heard it a few times in London.
"i say, shall we go forth and partake in the quest for punani?"
"yeah mate, but give me five minutes to mow the lawn first..."
by Prem Shah September 14, 2006
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