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1. The opposite of getting swag jacked or swagger jacked.

2. To get ones dignity back after being done dirty.
Rod: "You see Bruce Bowen trip Kobe on that dunk attempt?"

John: "Ya, he got straight swagger jacked!"

Rod: "It's ok though, Kobe got his swag back when he used Bowen's face to break his fall!"

John: "Gout'em!"

Rod: "Standard"
by real_rodsizzler November 07, 2009
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As opposed to a snapback, a Swagback is an adjustable hat which features a clasp fastening system. Many teens raid their father's closet to find these hats, which were popularized in the 80's. These hats are considered a more formal version of a Snapback and are socially acceptable at formal parties.
Kate: Is that Michelangelo wearing a Snapback?
Ana: Nahh, Ryan's wearing a Snapback, Michelangelo is rocking a Swagback.

Kate: Jeez, doesn't ryan know Snapbacks went out of style?

Ana: Yeah, hisa dick.
by afellowgullysider August 03, 2011
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