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A shark coochie board is currently a popular assortment of deconstructed Lunchables, including processed meat pieces, cheese products, dried up old fruits you have laying around, leftover bread, and nuts you find between the couch cushions, etc., all artfully arranged on a board you've been saving for a project for a while. Derived from 15th century French "charcuterie".
Oooh, they went all out for this party with a shark coochie board!
by Postmarc December 21, 2020
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A person ,that which may or may not live in WI, with whom creates a bond/relation to another of same beliefs which are based on the mutual love, respect, and appreciation of Wisconsin and everything it has to offer. Courtesy of Amanda Veriha.
After Kaitlynn visited Milwaukee from New Haven multiple times, she is my newest Wiscousin!
by Postmarc February 26, 2021
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