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An extremely off centered nose
"Hooked nose" is defined in the story below:
Senor Tomaso Padilla, the anal conqistador of Spain, had his nose hooked six inches to the left because he insulted someone
by Poopypoopoo696969 December 18, 2016

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A totally bullshit class that no one gives two shits about.
This work is defined in the following:
Guy 1: hey are you going to international business?
Guy 2: lmao
by Poopypoopoo696969 December 19, 2016

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To forcefully grasp, seize or colonize a person, thing, or sexual object.
Here is how grom is commonly defined:

Guy 1: " hey watch should we grom for lunch"
Guy 2: " I dunno I'll grom ur ass"

Part 2:
Guy 1: " oh no I ehGROMulated everywhere"
Lady: "ah crap"
by Poopypoopoo696969 February 02, 2017

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