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Epic Death is an alcoholic drink which utilizes many different popular methods of consuming alcohol. It combines a Jagermeister shot, a Vodka shot and Bulmers Cider and is consumed just as a Jagerbomb would be. The only difference being instead of dropping the shot of Jagermeister into red-bull (as is the conventional method of making a Jagerbomb) the Jager shot is dropped into a mixture of Bulmers Cider and vodka.

To create an Epic Death:
1. Fill a glass 2/5 up with Bulmers Cider (or as much as you would prefer, the more Bulmers you put in, the more alcohol there is) This is the base and will take the place of the red-bull.

2. Fill a shot glass with Vodka and pour the shot into the glass of Bulmers Cider. Stir this concoction until the Bulmers Cider and Vodka is evenly distributed. (You won't be able to tell but stirring it creates for a smoother taste)
3. Fill a shot glass with a shot of Jagermesiter.

4. Drop the shot of Jagermeister (or pour in if you would rather not drop a shot glass in for fear of spillage or any other reason) into the glass of Bulmers cider and vodka.
5. Chug this potent combination of alcohol and realize that you have just killed your liver!
Dude 1: "Hey, I wanna get totally shit-faced tonight and wake up with no recollection of anything, what drink would you recommend?"
Cool Dude: "Here, have an Epic Death man, this shit will fuck you up!"
Dude 1 drinks the drink, "I'm going to fuck your mom now!"
Cool Dude who has already had 4 Epic Deaths, "Be my guest!"

Lindsay Lohan: "Epic Death made me go back to rehab!"
Amy Winehouse: "I know, Epic Death is the reason I'm in rehab as well!"
Lindsay Lohan: "Awesome! Lets go do some coke!"
Amy Winehouse: "Nah, it's okay, I think i'll pass, i'll stick to Epic Death, that shit is more potent!"
by Poopface and Fucky February 21, 2010
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