A small amount of vodka meant to be downed in one.
After her eighteenth vodka shot, Tiffany was found vomiting in a bush.
by Loleeeeta September 11, 2016
When your about to cum, you pull out and release your victory squirt into the shot glasses filled with vodka. Then she turns around and downs them quickly.
Jack: "Did you girlfriend do the Houdini Vodka Shots last night."
Richard: "Yeah, man she got totally fucked up for round 2."
by Paymentz and Regrettable March 24, 2012
A vodka trick shot is when a scantily dressed and decenlty drunken girl climbs up onto the pool table to make a long shot, then side swipes the cue ball into the corner pocket, competely avoiding any other target on the table and still manages to leave all her male companions whole-heartedly impressed.
*cue ball is sunk*
Drunken Girl: **woops,...i..think......I...mesthed...that..up.....heheheHEHEHhehehHEHEHHEHHheehehHEHEHehehehehehheh!!!!!!!@

Guy: Wow, how'd you get your boobies to manover the cue like that?
Immune friend: *sighs* Quite the Vodka Trick Shot!
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 10, 2010