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A word which has no actual meaning but is just shouted when one wishes to get attention.

Very common to see this word used in fast chatrooms, in general discussion on subways, or just when you feel like you're being ignored.

Basically a word that no attention whore can live without.
Woman: "I saw a star last night, it was big."
Man: "You're wrong lady, it was cloudy last night."
Little girl: "ABOOGALA!"
Woman: "Oh my God, I'm sorry for ignoring you sweetie!"
by PoonMonster November 27, 2007
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Some hypocritical british bitch that sang about not going to rehab but then she went for like one day.

She had all this critical praise for her album and it sold like some 2 million copies, but then she went crazy.

And to top it off her husband went to jail like 4 months after they got married, she performed drunk at half her shows, she skipped an appearance at the VMAs, she canceled her entire tour...

And she's #1 on the list of people most likely to die in 2008.

Oh yeah, and her song Rehab is so fucking annoying.
Person 1: "What do I need to know about Amy Winehouse?"
Person 2: "She tried to go to rehab she said no no no"

by PoonMonster November 27, 2007
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