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Jon Jones Juice - a nice glass of ‘you won’t do shit ,sprinkled with the finest steroid game with overtones of Coke,hit and run pretending you’re decent.
Why is he being such a cunt?

He’s had some triple J
Jon Jones juice ?
Is that why he’s hiding under the octogon from USADA?
by Poojinky December 27, 2018
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When a politician has contradicted themselves with a selection of conflicting statements that they wont stand by or choose one of the selection to double down a position and give confidence, they just tactically slime their way around giving false confidence as and when it suits their agenda
"...yeah but Borris has promised *literally anything* "

"pfft, that polymorphic-dipshit can't keep his dick in his pants let alone a promise backed by integrity."
by Poojinky September 02, 2021
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Offriends are people with a common bond in offending people or correcting them sarcastically and enjoying each other doing it.
*Double teamed absolutely roasting someone clearly incorrect*

We can be offriends, we are offriends.
by Poojinky November 22, 2019
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When you think you're the boss of the Cybers but all your exploits end up on github and russia decides who your next president is.
Trump is president, every hacker on earth has a copy of all the leaked exploits from NSA and CIA, you have no idea what to believe, this isn't cyber warefare this is cyber wafer.
by Poojinky April 02, 2017
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Extremely convinced they are being monitored by every intelligence agency ever 24/7, say whatever it takes to maintain a false sense of control while everyone spectates as reality turns into Twitter entertainment …
He’s a pure Cybro, he thinks all the best hackers in the world are being monitored 24/7 by guys that got their shit leaked on GitHub , he’s watched the matrix too many times dude.
by Poojinky November 06, 2021
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When geeks are wanking over what the best command-line tool / arguments are when 999.99999 % of the time they all have a right answer, they just want to have a little knowledge knuckle shuffle
How do I parse that large text file to get what i want?
there are a few ways, check out this thread full of neckbeards fighting away in a Cum-Hand-Line Argument
by Poojinky August 31, 2021
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When you and your partner face back to back (butt to butt) and get as many hands in as many things as possible and hop around on the spot in a circle
she gives the best Swahilian reach around... altho we fell over and cum on the dog
by Poojinky January 09, 2015
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