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Contraction for 'Wanna Be Japanese'
Also used as a contraction for 'White Japanese'. Used to descrive people of Western Decent who share an unusual affinity all things japanese, such things as Anime, Drifting, and those horrid novelty shops. Hold themselves in high regard because of their high knowledge of japanese culture. Viewed by everyone else as try-hards. 80% of Wapanese people learn japanese at some stage in their lives.

'Wapanese is what Rage wants to be'
by PooJou July 12, 2003
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i) Used to describe someone who is utterly hopeless - a no hoper
ii) A medical condition - commonly mistaken for the far less serious 'mazzanetitis'
iii) Synonymous with 'tard' and 'mazzanet'
'haha don't be such an opteron'
'that's such an opteron thing to do'
by PooJou July 12, 2003
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