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Originally a car based as a mini-version of a Mustang, then the KE70 gave us some sideways action, then it went front-wheel-drive and got ugly from there.

The highest selling car in the world, and automatically the blandest car in the world. Driven by non-savvy college students and accountants. What car offers the least amount of personality? A white Corolla.

Reliable as buggery, so they still litter our roads.
College student 1: Damn, my parents bought me a gold Toyota Corolla for college.
College student 2: Gee that sucks what a boring car.
College student 1: Yeh...

*awkward silence*

College student 1: Beer?
College student 2: Sure.
by Poida May 13, 2007

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Australian slang for your arse hole, bum, backside. Due to the visual similarity of a meat rissole and the rectum.
"If I bent over any further, anyone could see right up my rissole."
by poida May 20, 2017

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