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The act of an enormous turd flying out one's rectum at a great speed, hitting with great force whatever is within it's range as it emerges.
"I just did this enormous rectal projectile!"
by Pogmothoin February 15, 2009

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When you put on a jacket and the long sleeve of your shirt or sweater underneath creeps up and gets stuck half-way, to your elbow.You then have to reach up thru the jacket sleeve and pull the sleeves back down. It feels really creepy to have this.
"Ugh! I've got another creepy-sleeve again!"
" Wait a minute!I have to pull my creepy-sleeves back down again!"
by Pogmothoin February 24, 2009

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Combination made-up--joke measurement of a centimetre and a millimetre. Based on the Metric system, as used in Canada and Europe.Came by as a mistake my 7 year old made doing measurements in math.
"How long is it,anyway?"
"Oh, about a cillimetre"
by Pogmothoin February 15, 2009

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