3 definitions by PlasticSheep

A grin that is full of nasty food particles.
" Sally just looked at me after eating her sandwich and she had a meat grin; Food was all stuck up in her braces."
by PlasticSheep December 4, 2008
The Man is none other than the gangster version of the Grim Reaper. One tap on the shoulder from this mother trucker and you're done son.
Dr. dirt nap visited my dog petey last night. I really miss my niijaaa
by PlasticSheep October 22, 2018
Any person who is singularly use to sexually excite or satisfy with JUST their hands.
This is very similar to a Side Bitch but is exclusively used for hand stuff.
Shaniquwah was Percey’s “Hands Bitch” and regularly gave him the handy dandy business every Thursday night. He also had a Booty Bitch.
by PlasticSheep January 8, 2020