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Violas are very loud and energetic. They hold a grudge very easily and are kind of salty. Violas tend to get excited easily and are always happy. She is adored by people due to her looks and her contagious personality. She is very funny and has a very cute laugh. Violas tend to make impulsive decisions and do not think them through. Be careful, the results are sometimes disastrous. She is very bold and unique. She has beautiful eyes. She does not get offended easily. If someone is insulted she will stand up for them and take the blame. She is strong willed and determined. She is a friend for life and a great companion. Even though she tends to hold on to the past a little bit, all she needs is a push! If you have a Viola in your life, you know how much of a handful she is. Violas always think with their heart. Her spunky, energetic, cool, sweet, personality could win anyone over. They're the perfect friend and will stand up for you no matter what.
Viola is my dude.
by Pizzacorn June 20, 2019
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