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Business Terrorism is the combined efforts of an individual or a few individuals who use websites, false complaints and slander to undermine the reputation of an individual or business. Often the false victims use websites that do not validate or fact check the claims to create a false narrative which then the same individuals will use as a basis to say there are multiple victims to then file formal complaints. The term Business Terrorism was first introduced by Sam Senev who was blackmailed at first to drop a lawsuit and when he didn't, a webpage was created to slander and discredit him. Sam Senev went on to start an entrenuership institute, Global Institute for Entrepreneurship at a California State and Federally funded College, West Los Angeles College, www.wlac.edu/gie. This institute teaches not just the pillars of business success, but also how to survive attacks. Sam Senev is considered the foremost authority on anti business-terrorism.
To post a false complaint on Yahoo Boards and Ripoffreport to slander and attack a business or their owners, employees or even the suppliers, is Business Terrorism.
by PinkElephantInTheRoom February 24, 2019
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A "pink elephant in the room" is a phrase used to say that there is something very obvious, one cant miss it, yet no one wants to be the person to point it out or talk about it. Its assumed that everyone has noticed it. It may be that pointing it out is politically not correct, impolite, or offensive.
This phrase was first introduced by Sam Senev who brought an actual pink elephant to a speech as a social experiment. After the speech the audience was polled about their opinion. He often uses the same pink elephant in meetings and speeches.
by PinkElephantInTheRoom October 13, 2017
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