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a cologne that is featured in Anchorman. Said to be awful smelling and used with real bits of panther. Illegal in 9 nine countries.
Sex panther- 60% the time, it works everytime.
by Pimpin aint ez June 02, 2006

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When you wack off and giz in a condom and give some bitch a faceful of protein.
Yo I gizzed in this condom and then i protein slapped this bitch in the face.
by Pimpin aint ez December 14, 2004

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When a period of time is spent and rewarded with sex. Sucessful + Sex = Susexful

I was just at Katie's and we fucked so much. Mad susexful
by Pimpin aint ez November 30, 2007

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fuckin some dude up the ass, and then cumin and havin it overflow so it drips down his leg and tickles and he trys to cum, but you grab his dick so he can't.
Jack: "Did you hear about me and Gino?"

Brian: "No, what happened?"

Jack: "I got him up the ass and plugged his hole."
by Pimpin aint ez October 27, 2004

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A commonly used type of sex in Sweden but has been modernized in America. Used to be a form of sex where some boy sticks his dick in melted shit and fucked a bitch up her ass and made his best friend eat it and told him it was chocolate. Also known as Penichocolate in America. In america you dip ur dick in melted chocolate and fuck some girl up the ass and make some fuckshit eat it.
Yoooo i did this girl swedish white chocolate....and then i made this fuckshit eat it.
It was maaaaad funny dog
by Pimpin aint ez October 26, 2004

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