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A girl who does the following suffers from Dumb Bitch Syndrome or DBS:

1. Acts without thinking and then later rationalizes her behavior based completely on her emotions.

2. Thinks it's ok to act bitchy or psycho just because she's on her period.

3. Uses sex as a form of currency.

4. Says one thing to your face; then another to everyone else (aka. is "fake," "twatty," or "talks shit.")

5. Does something she says she likes just so she can complain about it later.

6. Spreads your embarrassing sexual info to all her friends.

7. Makes a boyfriend or friend buy her gifts only to her her complain about the gift you give her not being good enough later.

Men can also suffer from DBS. These men are called "super puss-cakes."
Dude, I really want to date Taylor, but she has a serious case of "Dumb Bitch Syndrome."

What'd you mean, man?

She told all her friends about her ex's weird ass fetish. I don't want something like that to happen to me. Fuck that.
by pinlitt May 14, 2011
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1. Any woman with a prediliction for doing especially obnoxious or annoying things

2. Any woman who interferes with a man's right to do his man things

3. A temporary condition caused by pissing off someone else
Yo, did you catch the game last night?

No, my girl caught a case of Dumb Bitch Syndrome and made me watch Sex in the City instead!


Cut me off? You must have a serious case of Dumb Bitch Syndrome
by popcultchick November 25, 2006
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DBS for short,
basically the problem running rampant across the population, affecting mainly teenage girls, but has the possibility of carrying on into later life. However, DBS is usually permanent. "Cain't fix stupid."

Dumb Bitch Syndrome. The problem with all the girls at my school.
"Hey Jacob, what's Obama's last name"
"Shut the fuck up, Kati, you're a dumb bitch"

"Sometimes it seems like there's nothing in Sami's head.."
"That's because there isn't, she has DBS and only knows how to talk about shopping for clothes and the dicks she's sucked."

"Why do all the girls at my school have Dumb Bitch Syndrome?"
by falaylays August 11, 2012
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When you keep going back to the same guy after he's played you multiple times
I suffer from dumb bitch syndrome because this is the 6th time I've taken him back.
by Dbsssqueen October 24, 2018
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Dumb bitch syndrome can happen when one does stupid things.
- When a female does something incredibly stupid.
Vulgar - When a female just does stupid shit naturally.
- Female who acts without thinking causing her to act dumb.
Female jumps out of a car because there is a bug inside, she has a case of dumb bitch syndrome.
People such as, but not limited to Britiny Spears, Paris hilton, and Jessica Simpson. All the women listed previousely have a case of Dumb Bitch Syndrome
by xGarthx April 07, 2010
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Gold diggin' chicks with no respect for you or your relationship. They tend to suffer from "I'm all that," syndrome too. These types will use their sexin to suck you dry of brains and goal gains fellas.
No money no honey
You broke ass Mo' Fo'

min man
short man
Dumb ass
triflin nig'
Retard short rider
You don't do shit for me
You won't make it
Who's that bitch?
I saw you eying her down you cheatin Lo' you better watch what you do if you want me.
When the word "You" is spoken first it is a very selfish method of minipulating a situation to suite her own wants.
Woman: Yo' guys if your woman says any of these catch phrases to you in a day. She's using dumb bitch syndrome language.
by AlphDeltaWomanW/<3 December 31, 2009
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