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Greek word for tough, streetwise, strong-hearted youth. Could be used in an english phrase if this person is of greek descent.
Petro was born in greece and raised on the cold streets of Chicago. What a maga.
by Petro July 07, 2004

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(n.) 1. a shlozskorz-like object, esp. one with relation to or in the context of a shlozskorz
(v.) 1. to undertake an action in a shlozskorzy fashion. 2. to do something pertaining to or that which results in a shlozskorz
(n.) The shlozskorz was there.
(v.) He shlozskorzed.
by Petro December 16, 2004

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First of all, try spelling loser correctly because you'll have that title the rest of your life. Second of all, I'm not arrogant enough to think I'm better than everybody, but I do know that I'm better than you by so far that no one could ever come up with a sufficient analogy. And so you know, I do masturbate, just like everyone, and it's to Lesbian porn because I'm rather normal. I don't know where anybody can find gay-kiddy-animal porn, but I'm sure you've sold it. I can't shoot off in my own mouth because your mother's gets in the way. See that, that's a good insult. It's clever, and you just don't have any kind of intelligence do you? Well I do. Just ask Drexel and Villanova that have accepted me. But you wouldn't know what a college is, would you? DCCC doesn't count. And if somebody is nominated to West Point, any knock on their intelligence is just plain ignorant. And if you think for a second that making fun of my hair color is funny then you're an even bigger idiot than i thought. Oh, and by the way, since you seem to persist in size, it's big and it's real. It's the inverse of your intelligence which is small and phony.
danpetro does get angry at people who waste their lives trying to feel better than him when they're not.
by Petro February 26, 2003

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