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A very hot newswoman at fox news, currently has a segment on thursdays called The Dhue Point on the O'Reilly Factor
"Hey you want to go to the strip club this Thursday night"-Joe
"Hell no, I'm going to jack it to Laurie Dhue, the hottest bitch on the news!"-Mickey
by Peter LoPresti January 01, 2008

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A Greek statue common during the 4th century BC. Hermai consist of a head on top of a four sided plain pillar with the exception of a phallus in the center. At the University of Chicago, students created ice sculptures of the Hermai and placed them throughout campus as a prank.
"What is that ice sculpture with a huge penis!"-Ari
"That is a replica of a Hermae, common in ancient athens during the Peloponnesian War."- Peter
by Peter LoPresti April 01, 2008

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A noun referring to one who most likely has, will, or is engaging in an activity that is idiotic in nature when compared to everyone else's current activity. Much like how a group of sober people would perceive a drunk person.
"I'm going to throw that fluorescent light bulb"-Alex
"Don't throw it"- everyone else
Alex throws the light bulb and it shatters.
"Don't move police. I'm going to watch you clean that up"-Old Retired Cop
"Way to go rum-dumb"-Josh

by Peter LoPresti March 13, 2008

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