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A party lacking vaginas. All sausage, no bun. A gathering of mostly males.
Octoberfest is known for a festival of sausages.

aka "Sausage Party" or "Weinerfest"
"This party is such a cocktoberfest, all sausage, no bun"
by Pete Za October 11, 2003
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The act of two or more males pissing in the same toilet or trough. The trick is not to cross the streams.
Buddy1: "Guy I need to take a piss"
Buddy2: "I do too but there is a huge line for the toilet"
Buddy1: "Let's GHOSTBUST"
by Pete Za October 06, 2003
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The act of shitting on top of another shit in a toilet
"Man your toilet was plugged so me and buddy had to outhouse"
by Pete Za September 23, 2003
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