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Your exobrain (or exo-brain)is your extended brainpower from the information you have access to from your computer or the web.
This is most commonly used in meetings or on calls when the other people don't know you're using your exobrain to pull random facts or figures.
I stunned the meeting when I knew that the first person to use the @ symbol for email was Ray Tomlinson by using my exobrain.

Thanks exobrain and Google!
by Pete DiMaio February 13, 2009
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A new diet that promotes the benefits of completely removing carbon and carbon derivatives from a person's diet.

This diet is limited to purified water, breathing clean air and limited tactile contact with carbon.
Wow, Calista Flockhart is looking skinnier and skinnier. She must be on that carbon free diet.
by Pete DiMaio June 26, 2009
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Retro Optimization is a complex process of updating a website's archived content in Archive.org's Wayback machine to allow a marketer to promote current content to past consumers.

Based upon web 1.5 technology, Retro Optimization gives consumers the ability to get their hands on new products and services after they undergone years of trial an error prior to their initial development.
Thanks to Retro Optimization I was to sell more inventory in 2008 than I had previously sold in 2008 by updating the promotion we had in our 2007 marketing campaign. It worked so well, I'm going to have gotten a bonus for the improvements I'm going to make for last year.
by Pete DiMaio April 7, 2009
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(adj) A person obsessed with the ability to create stunning, bedazzled graphics and charts. These individuals have a strong compulsion to pretty-up their co-workers reports and documents. These people are often confused for being gay, but are not.
Joe, those stunning visuals in the presentation made me think you were gay, but maybe you're just metrographical.
by Pete DiMaio April 4, 2008
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