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All Nina's are sexy and beautiful. They always put themselves down put at the end, they are like, DAMN! I'm awesome!! They love the 90's and videogames... Especially violent ones :-). Nina's are REALLY smart and creative. Take her to the mall, she'll run to hot topic! All dem bitches want her sexy body, like the Julian's or Robbie's; trust me. Never touch her toes, NEVER! She will bite off your arm. Plus, she go CRAZY for those pussies! Cats, you pervert! She LOVE cats! And pugs!
OMG, she aced the midterm!
It's because she's a Nina, DUM DUM!
Oh, right

There's a Nina bubbling up inside of me!

That song is totes Nina!
by Perry_The_Platupus<3 February 19, 2013
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