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One of the most used words in finnish culture after PERKELE. Translated "satan" in english as in the lucifer, the prince of darkness (ozzy osbourne), belsebub, behemoth, PERKELE. The ruler of the underworld. Can also be comic used with right words.
saatanan itikka!!=
satans mosquito!! or fucking mosquito!!
by Perkele April 12, 2005

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finnish streetword for booze. translated from swedish "brännvinn". traditional finnish drink for any party, jubilee, partee, jeejees or wedding. finns like to drink it, and propably the most popular is
KOSSU as in Koskenkorva.
Anna Kossua
give me my Kossu
by Perkele April 10, 2005

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Korso is a bad, smelly and especially shitty part of the city Vantaa near Helsinki, Finland. Korso is known by the whole world for its very own and famous K-Market where Jonnes and Niggas hang around and buy euroshopper energy drinks.
Korso is located in mid subterranean Africa on the equator.
"Vitun Jonnet, lähtekää vittuun täältä K-marketista!@"
"Maailmalla sanotaan Yo nigga, Korsossa sanotaan "Hei Manne!"."
by perkele February 06, 2013

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As in WUPPIDUU. A sarcastic gesture when you want to say someone that you really, REALLY don't care. Other great words for this are: "WII.", "great" "do you want a medal or something"... etc.
mmmm.... when someone says like "i got a new tv!!" you will say "jeejee, do you wan't a fucking medal or something?!"
by Perkele April 10, 2005

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