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Antonia Maino is a bar dancer and seduced Rajiv Gandhi and become President of Congress party in India who also known by the name of Sonia Gandhi. She is so fascist like her parents who served in Army of Mussolini. If you call Sonia Gandhi as Antonia Maino she will sue on you like she did this to Arnab Goswami.
Don't Abuse her call her Antonia Maino. Hit there where it hurts the most.
by PerilousGirl May 04, 2020

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Tiya is Hindi word which means A Bird or a God Gift. It is also used for naming girls. It's a name for that Girls who want to fly and chirping like a bird whoose thoughts are freed like a bird. That bird which is gifted by god.
Tiya is a cute and elvish girl.
Tiya bahut natkhat aur masum ladki hai

Tiya was a gift of god.
Tiya bhgwan ka tohfa hai
by PerilousGirl October 04, 2018

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When you get rauted because you trusted a loudmouth incompetent person.
This phenomenon has its roots in Shivsena's Sanjay Raut uprooting Uddhav Thakrey's Political career.
1) Uddhav Thakrey got Rauted by Sanjay Raut.

2) Congress got Rauted by Randeep Surjewala.
by PerilousGirl November 24, 2019

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Awarastic is a hinglish word for a person who is totally vagabond, hobo, stroller. It is made from Hindi word Awara which means vagabond . But they are frank people not bad persons.
Hey man, why you are so serious looking man be Awarastic.
Hey Dost, Tum itne serious kyu dikhte ho humesha thode awarastic bano.
by PerilousGirl October 02, 2018

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