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The effect of excessive hot weather which causes people to think, speak and move very slowly.
"Sorry I didn't read that book; it's 100 degrees out and I'm suffering from a severe case of heatardation."
by People Paula August 19, 2012

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Bored + horny.
"Why did you sleep with that guy?" "I don't know, guess I was just borny."
by People Paula June 23, 2009

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When you're using Waze in a city and you realize you're in a line of cars all making the same weird turns over and over together.
I've been the third car in this Waze train since La Brea.
by People Paula March 04, 2017

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When you get so wasted, you have to sleep over at a friend's house. Usually, the friend does not like this outcome to the night.
"Holy hell, I've had a lot to drink.... Any chance I could trash and crash, bro?"
by People Paula August 19, 2012

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