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In a three-way, the member who is the only participant of their gender is the hypotenuse. SUch a term is used because in a right triangle, the side that's across from the right angle is referred to as the hypotenuse. It is the unique side of the triangle, just as the only member of their given gender in a three-way is unique in that situation.
Person 1: "Dude, you'll never believe it. I was in a three-way last night. And I got to be the hypotenuse!"

Person 2: "Lucky. I've never even been in a three-way."
by PearlJam24 April 5, 2014
The amazing, relaxed feeling you get during and/or after listening to the band Radiohead. Such a sensation could also potentially happen while listening to other progressive bands, such as Pink Floyd.
Person 1: "Dude, I just listened to OK Computer, and I think I had a serious Radioheadgasm."
Person 2: "Nice, bro."
by PearlJam24 March 10, 2014
A sparkling weasel-like creature that you often see in a movie or television show. But most of the time they're just trying to pretend they're someone else. Mark Hamill (an older celebrity) thinks he's a galactic Jedi warrior. Arnold Schwarzenegger (the longest name in the English language) thinks he's a robot from the future sent back to kill Sarah Connor. And, perhaps most bizarrely, Kristen Stewart (A.K.A. KS Bot 3000) thinks she's a rape-piñata for a werewolf and a vampire. They inhabit many places in the world, but most exist in Los Angeles, California, for a reason that has not yet been determined.

Plural-Celebriti (as in octopi)
Chris: "Hey, do you want to drive up to Los Angeles for the weekend?
Tom: "No way, dude. That place is crawling with celebriti."
Chris: "Oh, yeah. Last time I saw a celebrity, it had a crowd of venomous leeches swarming around it, frantically taking pictures."
Tom: "Haha, I'm so glad we're not celebriti."
Chris: "Totally."
by PearlJam24 November 23, 2013