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a sexy lady, with an eye that's lazy. A girl that's fly with a wonky eye. She's smokin' with an eye that's broken. People think it's hot the way she looks left a lot.

She is also careless with her dog
Brahbrah was looking for her epileptic dog
by paulstudy May 14, 2010

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A type of manbag, but far more cool! Used by Jack Bauer of 24 to carry his awesome and unlimited arsenal of weapons to take on the terrorists that threaten the US
Jack: Dude, that manbag is so lame, you need to get yourself a Jack Sack

Tony: Copy that
by Paulstudy March 27, 2010

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Acronym for 'What A Lad'
Joe: I heard that Steve finally nailed Nicole last night

Dave: WAL!
by Paulstudy February 14, 2010

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