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When you are witnessing a couple with many chidren who are trying to wrangle them in, trying to turn chaos into what appears to be order.
When a girl walks in to TGIFridays and notices the large family of young children trying to have dinner all at once, she walks by and looks to her friends to say " Holy Jon & Kate Plus 8!"
by Paula Steeves December 16, 2008
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Unable to perform the most basic tasks using a PC or electonics.
"Hey Mark, Can you come help me program the timer on my VCR, I'm a technorexic!"
by Paula Steeves October 09, 2006
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The new politically correct word for retarded or slow to learn about everything.
Peter had to take 3rd grade for the third time. He's globally delayed.
by Paula Steeves November 16, 2006
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